Welcome to AYTU GmbH

''Success is the positive and intended outcome of goal-oriented efforts''

With our independent, individual and professional solutions we accompany you on your way to a measurable and long-lasting success. Our threefold offer (investor relations, project management and IT-/strategy consulting) perfectly serves all your needs and covers the entire project chain from A to Z - and beyond.

Market Orientation

A deep and comprehensive analysis of the market environment is the first step towards success: Who are the relevant market actors? What are their interests? What are the relevant market relations? How can our client penetrate the market?

Individual Solutions

Following a systematic analysis of the initial situation we develop innovative strategies, compile individual solutions and help our client to successfully implement them.

Long-lasting Partnerships

For us, only a long-lasting and measurable betterment of our client is a success. Just like our client we are interested in sustainable business relations and long-term partnerships.